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Place where I only post my speedpaints, experimental doodles, and etc. Welcome! [HIATUS]

Another speedpaint! Just trying to play around with brushes

Quick morning doodle. I need to catch up with breaking bad!

Can anyone recommend some good tv shows or movies? :)

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the enemy within

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by…

Sea-Fever, By John Masefield

Shh… what was that?

a little doodle today

One film study and one doodle from the noggin P:

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Bones: I don’t know about you but I could use a drink!

Just an old country doctor for aquacot! (ft. Spock)


Felt like drawing a robo! I immediately thought of Canti from FLCL.

Even in a utopia, someone needs to clean up the mess. And that’s where I come in. The girl promised me a way out, and I was desperate enough to believe her.